Switch on the potential of inclusion bodies
Numaswitch is changing the game, making inclusion bodies accessible. Often regarded as waste during recombinant production, inclusion bodies are expressed in high-titers making them revolutionary to the production of peptides and proteins at scale.
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The Switchtag is a nature-evolved sensor reacting towards Ca2+ ions

Access the full power of recombinant processes
In the absence of Ca2+ ions the Switchtag has an unstructured conformation that forces inclusion body formation. In presence of Ca2+ ions the Switchtag folds into a stable, water-soluble functional protein.


The OFF-state
During expression inside E. coli cells (Ca2+ (arrow downwards)) no Ca2+ ions bind to the Switchtag. This triggers the formation of inclusion bodies.

This is important to protect targets from proteolysis and degradation. It also protects E. coli cells from being harmed by targets.


The ON-state
The inclusion bodies are extracted, solubilized in a denatured form and incubated with a dedicated refolding buffer containing high concentrations of Ca2+ ions. This induces the transformation of the aggregates (up to 100%) into highly stable, water-soluble and functional proteins. Now your target is released traceless by a protease.

Numaswitch enables up to 100%
refolding efficiences of inclusion bodies

Make use of Numaswitch for efficient inclusion
body-based production processes for the first time ever.
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An efficient high-titer expression platform to produce peptides and small proteins