Limitless possibilities for peptide applications

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With better efficacy, selectivity and specificity profiles, peptides have an approval rate twice as high compared to other small molecules. This, combined with increased penetration patterns and less immunogenicity, make peptides a potent and safe alternative to proteins. Opening up a world of possibilities for therapeutic applications, such as vaccinations, allergy treatment, anti-infection drugs, diagnostics, oncology, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, multi pharmacology and arthritis, as well as other industries, like agriculture, aquaculture, adhesives, coatings, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, food, nutrition, nutriceuticals.

Numaferm’s cutting edge technologies are made for the discovery and production of peptides, pepteins™ and proteins.


Phage display libraries consist of billions of individual candidates waiting to be discovered. The combination of tailor-made libraries and our expertise transform identified hits into optimized lead candidates with needed functionalities and properties.

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The reliable high expression platform powers the cost-efficient, scalable and sustainable production of peptides, pepteins as well as proteins at the highest qualities for the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.

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Introducing Pepteins™

For the first time, pepteins (41 - 100 aa) are closing the gap between the world of small and big molecules
Pepteins combine the power of peptides and proteins for a more versatile feedstock. Pepteins are made of 41-100 aa and combine the advantages of peptides (≤ 40 aa; good permeability, low immunogenicity) with those of proteins (> 100 aa; high affinities, potencies, specificities and/or stabilities). It seems no surprise that the peptein Insulin (51 aa) is the top-selling drug of all. Nevertheless pepteins are highly underrepresented in the market due to the absence of efficient discovery and production platforms. Numascreen and Numatech enlighten the world of pepteins - their discovery and production is now possible.


Discover your lead candidates
Numascreen phage display libraries are highly efficient screening platforms used to identify peptides and pepteins. Numascreen is based on the nobel prize winning phage display strategy invented by Professor Smith.

Made of bacteriophages, filamentous harmless viruses, Numascreen libraries contain more than 109 (> 1 billion) different phages, displaying peptides or pepteins on their surfaces. During biopanning experiments unique binders for targets (e.g. miRNAs, proteins, cells, tissues, polysaccharides, surfaces) are identified.

Within one week, binding hits are defined. By repetitive biopanning experiments high affinity binders are enriched.

Optimization of your leads

Within weeks tailor-made libraries with more than 106 (> 1 million) by slightly modified target candidates are generated (i. e. error-prone PCR or rational gene designing) and integrated into our phage display platform.

Once the target candidates are established, the physicochemical properties (stability, immunogenicity, toxicity etc.) are further optimized within our lead optimization service. This includes chemical modification reactions of side chains and the N- or C-terminus, i.e. with fatty acids, PEG, ligands or fluorophores, to further optimize and multi-functionalize your candidate. Optimized lead candidates are identified, produced and characterized.
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A unique expression platform that makes the difference
Numaferm has invented the first high-expression platform dedicated to peptides, pepteins and proteins, Numatech. With Numatech the power of biosynthesis becomes accessible independent of the target’s length, physicochemical properties and functionalities.

Numatech trains E. coli microorganisms in a unique way, solving current challenges of recombinant approaches – proteolysis, degradation, aggregation and cytotoxicity.

Experience the advantages of Numatech


Product qualities that exceed market standards

Cost of goods

Reduced Cost-of-Goods by more than 90%


From gene to Commercial/GMP drug substance within 6-9 months


Commercial/GMP production at needed scales


Safer products for customers, patients and employees


Reduced carbon footprint by more than 90% (compared to chemical synthesis)

Numatech is a reliable high-expression platform (multi g/l) for peptides, pepteins and proteins. The platform makes use of affordable and upscalable methods (e.g. no affinity chromatography or HPLC needed) by ensuring the highest qualities. Process related impurities (i.e. host cell proteins or DNA, endotoxins, heavy metals) are under strict control and routinely below required thresholds. In doing so, we shorten production runs, decrease process complexities, durations and costs while simultaneously increasing quality and safety.
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How it works

Inspired by nature, we utilize the accuracy of biosynthesis of > 99.99% for the production of your targets. Making use of RTX proteins and corresponding type 1 secretion systems (T1SS) found in Gram-negative bacteria, Numatech is a highly effective expression and secretion platform. T1SS are specialized nano-machineries – that have evolved over millions of years – used for the transport of RTX proteins.

Biotechnological applications of T1SS and RTX proteins have been proposed since the 1980s. However, their use was hindered due to low efficiencies. Thanks to the ground-breaking work of Dr. Christian Schwarz, Prof. Lutz Schmitt and their team (Institute of Biochemistry, Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf) we have been able to create the first efficient secretion technology for Gram-negative bacteria, Numasec™. Additionally, the RTX proteins were engineered to be bifunctional switch proteins. These Switchtags serve as our additional production platform, Numaswitch.

Your first choice expression platform Numatech contains two complementary approaches:


The first secretion platform for Gram-negative bacteria



Switch on the potential of inclusion bodies