From discovery to commercial production, Numaferm is your go-to for recombinant biomolecules

Unlock the potential of peptides, pepteins and proteins to drive your innovation. Increase quality, save costs, and become part of the green revolution.
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Lead Discovery and Optimization

Numascreen™ is the first in-place phage display screening platform for peptides and pepteins (> 40 amino acids). With diversities of over 1billion candidates per screening experiment, high-affinity binders with unique properties are identified, i.e. as inhibitors, agonists, (radio-) ligands, biosensors, anchor peptides and coatings.

Tailor-made libraries for your targets can be generated within 1 month containing millions of slightly modified variants. By application of this approach, your target’s properties are optimized (i.e. affinities, stabilities and specificities) transforming it into your ideal lead candidate.
Obtain superior leads to drive your innovation.
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Lead discovery

Cell Line & Process Development

Patent protected Numatech™ is designed for any E. coli strain. The high-titer production of your target is managed by the intrinsic expression machinery. Just send us your preferred strain and we are happy to ignite its potential with Numatech™
1 month

Cell Line Development

The high-titer production of your target is managed by the intrinsic expression machinery, establishing a standardized workflow to define the perfect cell line within as little as 1 month. This cell line may be used to supply 1-5 mgs of your target. NumatechTM is applicable for any E. coli strain. Just send us your preferred strain and let Numatech ignite its potential.
Cell line development
2 months

Implementation of Analytics

From research grade to clinical material, we develop all needed analytical methods to meet the highest quality standards. This includes common analytics known for biologics like residual host cell proteins, DNA and endotoxins, as well as analytics known for small molecules such as HPLC, IC chromatography, AAA and many more.
Implementation of analytics

Optimization and Upscaling

Our production platform and expertise enables the application of standardized workflows in each unique project. In as little as 2 months production processes in the g scale are developed, ensuring upscalability and cost-efficiency, while meeting highest product and process standards. Research cell banks (RCB), master cell banks (MCB) and working cell banks (WCB) are deviated in early phases of the project to ensure on time delivery of pre-clinical, GMP and commercial material.
Optimization and upscaling
1 month

Material Supply for GxP studies

Up to 100 g of your target is produced in accordance with our quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) suitable for pre-clinical studies and field trials. Production is based on standard operation procedures (SOPs) and qualified research cell banks (RCB).
Material supply for GxP studies
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Commercial and GMP supply

The upscalability of Numatech has been proven in the multi 1,000 l fermentation scale. Developed processes meet the highest quality expectations, such as drug substances standards, and are GMP-conform. All material and information are ready for process transfer into commercial plants. We select your preferred contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for the commercial and/or GMP production from our network, including well-known industry leaders such as Bachem, Polypeptide, Corden Pharma, Corden Biochem, Evonik, Northway Biotech, Richter Helms, Fraunhofer and others. The release of commercial/GMP supply takes as little as 6-9 months. With Numaferm delivery of your material on time, at quality, cost and scale is ensured.