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Don’t let cost stand in the way of innovation. Explore and harness the potential of affordable peptides, pepteins and proteins with our disruptive bioprocesses for discovery, optimization and production.
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The first biochemical production platform
for peptides, pepteins and proteins

Numaferm is making the production of your targets attainable

Opening up a world of possibilities
At Numaferm we believe in the untapped potential of peptides, peptein and proteins as feedstock for better, safer and healthier products in life sciences and beyond.

Cost of goods should not be a limiting factor in innovation. That’s why we’ve pioneered an approach to discover, optimize and produce these targets affordably, sustainably and at scale. From discovery to commercial manufacturing - our mission is to support your ambition by adding value.


Discover unique and superior lead candidates

Numascreen™ phage display libraries are first in market high-diversity libraries with over 1 billion for peptides > 20 aa. Using Numascreen we discover and optimize your high-affinity binders with unique properties.


Produce high-quality peptides quickly, at scale and with reduced costs

Numatech™ serves as a unique high-titer expression platform enabling material supply in a short timeframe, at needed scales, reduced costs and the highest qualities. Evolved by nature, discovered by leading scientists, optimized and applied by Numaferm.


Ensure success with the highest service standards

Numaferm is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. With a track record of over 200 successful peptide projects, Numaferm has become a trusted partner in the industry.


Sustainable production: ecological, economical, responsible

Sustainable and future-proof, Numatech reduces your carbon footprint and leaves out fine chemicals and organic solvents to meet higher safety standards.

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Our Services

From Lead Discovery to Commercial Production.

Lead Discovery service

Our lead discovery service uses proprietary Numascreen phage display libraries to identify innovative, high-affine, highly-specific peptides that bind to your target.
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Lead discovery

Cell Line & Process Development Programs

We apply the Numatech expression platform to ensure the delivery of your target at scale, on time and at the highest quality possible.
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Cell line and process development programs

Commercial/GMP supply

Industry-grade processes and access to broad partner network
The commercial and/or GMP production is realized by our established partner network of well-known CMO companies. Our production processes are industry-grade and ready to be transferred to production plants.
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Commercial/GMP supply
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Case studies

Our lead discovery service identifies innovative, high-affine, highly-specific peptides against your target and makes use of proprietary Numascreen™ phage display libraries.


Teriparatide (PTH 1-34)

Developed by Eli Lilly, Teriparatide has become an important treatment for osteoporosis (Forsteo®). We designed a unique production process, outperforming everything on the market to make this treatment accessible, affordable and safe for every patient worldwide. Similar processes are available for other peptide APIs like PTH (1-84) and Liraglutide.



Safe and eco-friendly pesticides

Together with RWTH Aachen, we developed a bifunctional adhesive-antimicrobial peptide to be used as a pesticide for agricultural applications. This peptide is highly active, rain-resistant, safe and does not pollute soil or food, making it superior to available alternatives.



Antimicrobial peptides as substitutes for antibiotics

In cooperation with Tunatech GmbH, various AMPs (β-defensines, cathelicidins, hepcidines, histone-derivatives and piscidines) were developed for the treatment of fish. They are highly active and stable with no observed cytotoxicities, making them promising candidates for the treatment of aquaristic and aquaculture related diseases.



COVID-19 Nanobody

As part of a global consortium, Numaferm is the manufacturing organization of an anti-Corona nanobody. Extracted from alpacas and developed by Dr. Fernandez and his team in Chile, the nanobody is highly effective in binding to the spike protein and under preclinical evaluation.

COVID-19 nanobody

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Numaferm is trusted & supported by:
Dr. Christian Schwarz
Dr. Christian Schwarz

CEO and Co-Founder Numaferm GmbH

“We believe that in the near future peptides, pepteins and proteins will have found their way into new markets and become a well-known feedstock for better products in life sciences and beyond. Numaferm supports you in these developments – from discovery to commercial production.”

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