High-yield production
of recombinant peptides

Peptides are biomolecules with unique characteristics and functionalities – for example pharmaceutical, antimicrobial or adhesive. However, high average prices for peptides limit their applicability. Their average price is in the million € per kg range. These high prices result from the state-of-the-art manufacturing process called chemical synthesis. Just to illustrate – the production of 1 kg peptide easily consumes 25 tons of raw materials. This is neither economical nor ecological for the majority of products. Cost-efficient commercial alternatives are, to date, not available. NUMAFERM challenges this paradigm.

We have developed a reliable, cost-efficient bioprocess that enables the reduction of peptide production costs dramatically. Feasibility is demonstrated within weeks and success rates are very high.

How is this possible? Our process is based on a well-designed E. coli microorganism that converts simple nutrients to peptides. It is the first-in-place bioprocess that serves as a reliable platform for the production of peptides; independent of their sequence, length or functionality.

Are you interested in pharmaceutical peptides? Or are you pioneering towards peptide-based products for entirely new markets such as special adhesives, functional coatings, biocides or cosmeceuticals – NUMAFERM is your partner.

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