Feasibility Study
If you are interested in a cost efficient and sustainable peptide supply, simply provide us with your peptide sequence and we will demonstrate the strength and advantages of our bioprocess. In less than six weeks, we will deliver an initial expression analysis to you. Those results will allow an outlook on eventual production costs on a production scale. If the requested peptide is not expressed, charges are not applied. If requested, we produce your peptide in the mg-scale for your in-house validation.

Custom Synthesis
Certain peptides are hard to produce. If you experience such challenges, for example due to peptide length, our technology can solve that issue in many cases. We manage to overcome many of the limitations which currently exist in peptide synthesis.

Peptide Development
Are you looking for new raw materials with unique properties? With our state-of-the-art screening technologies, we identify new peptides with adhesive or antimicrobial functionalities. Do you have peptides with defined functionalities? We support the development of your peptide-based products with knowledge and passion. Our team of five Ph.D level scientists has more than three decades of experiences in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, bioprocessing and downstreaming. In this phase, we offer production on an mg-g scale.

Our technology is suitable for the production of peptides up to ton scale at reasonable prices. In an upscaling project, we develop SOPs with optimized parameters. Production in larger scales are either realized with our partners or on your own premises if preferred.

NUMAFERM’s technologies are covered by two patent families (PCT/EP2014/057880 & PCT/EP2012/070880 ) and fully owned by the company. If you are interested in using our technologies in-house, please contact us. Licensing options are available.